Bejeweled Twist

Bejeweled Twist: 0000006073

Game Description

Get ready to rotate, match and explode colorful gems! With Bejeweled Twist, you can rack up points by matching three or more jewels of the same color. Whether you are a puzzle veteran, someone who enjoys brain-busting puzzles or if you simply enjoy casual games, the addictive gameplay of Bejeweled Twist will appeal to a wide variety of playing styles.

Gamers of all ages are sure to find an enjoyable aspect of Bejeweled Twist!

How to Play

You play on a board containing an 8 x 8 grid of jewels. Unlike previous versions of Bejeweled, you cannot flip two gems to create a match of three colors. In Bejeweled Twist, you can only rotate a group of four gems to create a match. This is accomplished by using the Gem Rotator, a silver ring that surrounds a group of gems.

Each time you click your mouse, the gems will rotate in a clockwise position. Gems cannot be rotated counterclockwise. When you successfully match at least three like-colored gems, they disappear and more gems are added to the board.

There is also a Level up Tube that appears on the left side of the board. The tube gradually fills up as you make matches of jewels and you are able to advance to the next level once the tube is completely filled. The instant replay button becomes available if you make a particularly dazzling move that scores many points.

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